Medical Patient EMR File Sharing and Secure FTP

An intuitive file sharing and user management application that can be accessed securely through any webowser or FTP program.


MedtFile Cloud is a branded business file sharing web interface built on secure FTP. Connect through any web browser (on any device) or through any FTP client to send, receive, store and manage your files. File and folder permissions allow you to determine who has access to files and how they can interact with them. Every action is tracked and logged in our activity reports for HIPAA compliance and added security.


Give everyone access but control who sees what. Adjust permissions for a user, file, folder or group so your entire company can access files.


Share files without size restrictions and gain more control with expiration dates and download limits. Request files and upload through a web form.


A new twist on FTP, with more enhancements. Access your files through any web browser and connect through SFTP, FTPS and FTPES.


Unlike consumer-based cloud services, SmartFile offers unlimited file sizes, custom branding, the use your sub-domain and FTP connectivity.

Same experience on all devices, browsers, OS

MedFile is system, device and browser agnostic. Use Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Blackberry or whatever you prefer to access SmartFile through a responsive HTML5 interface. You can browse and manage your files from anywhere using any device, always using the same login URL, username and password. Nothing to install and your custom branding follows you everywhere.

Responsive HTML5 file sharing app

Lock down access to files and folders with users and groups permissions

The most complex user and file permissions to be found anywhere. Assign users to subfolders without access to any parent folders through our user 'Home Directory'. Set custom access for folders, files and users as you please. Assign users to groups for bulk permissions and less work. You determine who can view, upload, download or delete files. You get true user and file access for exceptional security. Other security features include:

256-bit AES encryption during transfer.

Constant virus and security scans.

Lock down access through permissions

Use your logo, colors and domain

We take branding to the next level. Once your site is branded, SmartFile becomes 100% transparent to your users and clients. Add your logo and icon so that your brand will display on both desktop and mobile browsers. Use a combination of your company colors to stylize your buttons and interface and, best of all, use your domain for login and client access. SmartFile will feel like a true integration into your company's routine instead of a forgotten 3rd party service.

Customize with your brand and domain

Share, deliver and request files with complex options

Share your files and folders with more security. Share not only single files but also entire folder directories. Add password protection, download limits and expiration dates to ensure proper access. Every link can also allow for anonymous upload to chosen folders. All emails and URLs associated with links are branded with your logo, colors and text.

Easy file sharing tools for delivering and requesting

HIPAA compliant activity monitoring with email notifications

We make all your files smart. You can instantly see activity (download, move, copy, rename and delete) with every file and folder. You can search extensive activity reports that allow you to monitor users and files at every moment. Our activity reports are HIPAA compliant so you have less to worry about. SmartFile will also send you email notifications based on file and user activity that you request.

Search and audit user and file history

View documents, PDFs, images and more inside SmartFile

SmartFile has a powerful file viewer that allows you to easily scan and search multiple page documents with ease. Various options let you view, print and share the document. SmartFile also offers a responsive image viewer so you can preview JPG, PNG, MP4, WAV and other media formats.

Search and audit user and file history

Access SmartFile through Microsoft Outlook or an FTP client

You can connect to your files in SmartFile through a number of ways. SmartFile has an Outlook add-on that allows you to instantly upload, attach and request files from an email message. SmartFile also has the ability to access your files through any secure FTP client using the same credentials as your web login. Easy access for all of your users.

SmartFile Outlook add-in

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SmartFile provides both a web interface and more traditional FTP connection methods which means we can cater to the needs of all our clients, whatever their level of technical ability. The fact that the site is so easy to brand is a bonus!
- Clive Skinner, Head of Technology, Genius Digital Ltd